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Notes on efficient project management in economic recovery
On March 24th, Leapman's CEO and first vicepresident of the Project Management Insititute (PMI) Madrid Chapter, Pedro Balsa, took part, with other speakers as Paula Conte, Andrés Hernando, Javier Peris and Ana María Pont, in the webinar Efficient Management od Economic Recovey Projects, to analyze the possibilities of project management in the actual project management with european funds intended to economic recovery.
Merry Christmas and our best wishes for 2021
Happy Holydays! We hope you enjoy of these special days and that you have a joyful Christmas celebration, despite of the exceptional situation we are living this year.
Efficient management of remote work
On october 27th took place the webinar "Efficient management of remote work: Have we really learnt how to work remotely?", organized by Madrid Network, with Gema Sanz as moderator and Pedro Balsa, CEO of Leapman, and Lucia Marquez de la Plata, partner for Agile and Serious Games, as speakers.
Managing projects successfully in the COVID context
We are in a project economy in which 70% of companies' spending and resources are dedicated to projects compared to 30% dedicated to repetitive operations. For years we have been talking about a VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). The new normal environment still increases uncertainty and therefore the need to adequately manage risk in its two facets, threats and opportunities
Did you know that the PMP® certification exam will change by July 1st 2020?
The PMP exam change is delayed again due to the coronavirus crisis. Beginning January 2, 2021, the exam will identify new content that was initially scheduled for December 15, 2019, and later postponed to July 1, 2020. Measures have also been adopted to extend the exam deadline to those who have previously registered will not be able to take the exam due to mobility restrictions currently in progress. Leapman consider this measure a great response to the current situation.

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The Gómez Pardo Foundation is an old and prestigious institution. Founded in 1870, by testamentary legacy of D. José Gómez Pardo, illustrious and rich silversmith of Madrid, in his long trajectory has devoted all its effort to what its founder entrusted: the help to the mining engineers, to the School in which they are trained, to the companies they carry out, to their professional and cultural development.

Alphapraxis International & Partners is a multidisciplinary group specialized in the internationalization of companies. Alpha Capital is your investment partner.

COIMCE is the official college of mining engineers of the center of Spain which is responsible for regulating all professionals in this área of work. This long-standing profession projects its future in the most advanced technologies and in the most modern management systems with a precise objective: to make life easier for citizens and to responsibly manage resources as to leave a better wold for tomorrows society.

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