Notes on efficient project management in economic recovery

Notes on efficient project management in economic recovery

On March 24th, Leapman's CEO and first vicepresident of the Project Management Insititute (PMI) Madrid Chapter, Pedro Balsa, took part, with other speakers as Paula Conte, Andrés Hernando, Javier Peris and Ana María Pont, in the webinar Efficient Management od Economic Recovey Projects, to analyze the possibilities of project management in the actual project management with european funds intended to economic recovery.

In the webinar, organized by CEu Castilla y León Business School and Fundación Caka de Burgos, and moderated by Carlos J. Pampliega, they spoke about the Instrument for Economic Recovery el the European Union (Next Generation EU) and the analyzed the necessity of presenting competitive projects with key characteristics in order to obtaining the funds.

Balsa discussed the importance of project management in the correct use of european funds for recovery and addressed a key aspect needed to obtain access to the funding: the concept of ESG, environmental, social and governance, those funds intended for "green elements". ESG (environmental, social and governance) financing, that until some years ago have not recieved great attention, right now are the rule. All projects must have these elements and the are essential for obtaining funds.

Another key point that was introduced was pointing out the importance of the approval of a new law, similar to the last law signed by President Obama, that is the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act. This law creates four basic elements:

-       Proffesional career for project managers in administration

-       An improvement in the management of all projects with standards known by all

-       Recognizing the role of sponsors and managers

-       Promote the dissemination of the best practices

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