ESG Project Management

Professional Construction Management teams will allow you not only greater flexibility, control, and maintenance of the specifications and quality of your project, but also improve its efficiency in cost and time.

Whether or not combined with Project Management services, our Construction Management services can be adapted to your specific needs: from CM as the developer's team, to fixed-price construction, through the Guaranteed Maximum Prize (GMP) or Management Contracting systems. so established internationally.

In any case, the best results are obtained when the agents who will finally build your work join the project in its early stages. This way your project will benefit from the greatest advantages of virtual design and construction.

We provide services in all phases of the project life cycle

  • Conception Phase: Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Projects, analyzing requirements, deadlines, cost, and risks.
  • Project Phase: Development of Basic and Execution Projects, including the selecting and hiring of other intervening designers.
  • Execution Phase: Coordination, monitoring, and control of the Works, including management of other agents involved in the work, such as Work Directors, Work Execution Directors, Health and Safety Coordinators, Control Laboratories, etc., guaranteeing compliance with project scope, time and cost constraints.
  • Completion Phase: : Reception and Settlement, including monitoring and control of tests, putting into use and delivery, as well as coordination between the intervening agents.
  • Putting into Use Phase: Coordination and Technical Advice, including building maintenance plan, “Building Book” documentation, regulations, subsidies, etc.
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