Course: Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals

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Course date: From 2024/05/15 to 2024/06/15


This course will help you understand the basics of project management and resources to help you succeed in leading your project on schedule, on budget, and aligned with the project goals. 

Practical exercises will be done during the course in order to reinforce the concepts presented. 

Several templates will be provided suitable for reuse or customize to meet your project management needs.

The course will follow the project lifecycle allowing the students to easily understand the concepts and later apply them in their current positions.


1 Project Management Concepts

Project, Project Management, Sponsor, Stakeholder.

Project Lifecycle

The project economy

2 Initiation

Project Charter

Project Canvas

Stakeholder Register

3 Planning 

Project Scope Work 

Breakdown Structure

Project Schedule

Task, milestone, constraint

Why manage time is so difficult?

How to calculate task duration

Risk Register

Communication Plan

4 Execution 


Stakeholders Engagement

Project Status Report


5 Project Closure

Lessons Learned

Project Closure

Wrap Up & QA


Concept presentation will be followed by practice in small groups in order to accelerate the learning process. Editable templates will be provided to be used during the drills and after the course.

Templates to be provided with the course.

  1. Project Charter

Document that outlines the project, provides a shared understanding of project goals, constraints, and governance, states the requirements, and formally authorizes the project.

  1. Project Schedule

List of activities must occur to complete the project, the order in which the activities will occur, who will perform them, and how long they will take.

  1. Project Communications Plan

Document used as a guide for change communication throughout the project, focusing on communications with stakeholders and audiences outside the project team.

  1. Stakeholders Register

Worksheet to list detailed information on the audiences who will be affected by the project, what change they will experience, what they need to know, and level of acceptance/resistance.

  1. Budget Tracking Worksheet

Worksheet to document and monitor project expenses.

  1. Project Closure Report

Document that evaluates the completion of project goals, milestones and deliverables and denotes the transfer of ongoing responsibilities to the business owner.

  1. Lessons Learned

Document to describe what went well and what went right and went wrong in the project.


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